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Danish Delta t-ers call themselves B-People and are forming an association in 2007

We are no longer alone in Europe! Delta t e.V., founded in 1993, is delighted that at long last, after 14 years of club activity in Germany, a comparable association has been founded in another European country. We thought we were the only ones standing up to offer resistance.

It is astonishing that it has taken so long for late risers outside of Germany to organise themselves for the first time to oppose the dictates imposed by our society of early risers. Even more amazing, however, are the encouragement and support which they apparently immediately received from Denmark’s politicians and employers.

Our experience here is Germany, on the other hand, has been that Professor Zulley’s thesis applies that the price of an early start is a considerable amount of drowsiness during the day. In the case of the local politicians, employers and even trade union members who have jumped out of bed at the crack of dawn, our protests almost always fall on ears made deaf by tiredness. At least we can now hope that competition has a stimulating effect, as the flexibility and speed of reaction demonstrated by Danish representatives of the people have also been commented on positively in the German media. High time, therefore, for their German colleagues to allow themselves a long lie and then perceive and implement societal trends with the same degree of wakefulness.
We want to do more than just cross our fingers. Through

Delta t’s representation before the German Federal Government

in the Federal Capital, Berlin, in the sight and hearing of the Federal Ministers and Regional Representatives, we want to regularly “alarm” our people’s representatives with unpleasant questions like the following: Is there a genetic border between Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein which gives the Danes a pronounced night owl tendency to sleep late and long, and which makes Danish society, including employers and politicians, more mentally-agile, open and adaptable?

Or should the leader of the Regional Representation of Schleswig-Holstein, Werner Schönborn, take a leaf out of the book of his political colleagues in Denmark, who have already agreed to extensive concessions as a result of the initiative of the “B-People” (the Danish alternatively-normal).

Delta t Vertretung beim Bund
Sleeper's Denmark

The coat of arms of Delta t’s representation before the Federal Government.

2013: Delta t forms prolate and proclaims the first
Lie-In Day

prolate proclaims 27th June an annual “Lie-In Day”.
On „Lie-In Day“ we encourage school pupils, students and workers to demonstratively sleep as long as they need to, or, if faced with too much repression, to declare that they would have liked to have slept longer.
To support this campaign, prolate has produced materials with which those concerned can express their protest at having to get up early every day to their parents, partners, teachers, professors and employers.
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